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Can we use PJKs Luciferase Assays instead of other Reportergene Assays?

Of course! You can use PJKs Luciferase Assay as well as the assays of other companies. You can combine the expressed luciferase from a vector of any company and use PJKs substrate in an excellent quality and a perfect price.

Can I use more than one luciferase in the assay?

Yes, you can! Use our high efficient Lysis-Juice to lysate your cells and then divide the lysate into 2 wells/ tubes. Measure one luciferase each in a well or tube. So you get the most accurate readings with the lowest standard deviation.

Which measured values are true measured values?

So, the instrument, luminometer or multileale reader, has a background value. This device value, 3 times, is the lowest value that should be used as the true value. It also looks like the background value of the substrates and buffers. This measured without the addition of luciferase, 3 times, gives the lowest reading that should be used after the addition of the luciferase as a true reading.

Can PJK offers special product requirement tailored to the customer?

For sure, we can! That's our daily business to offer special solutions for our costumers requirement. Take your time and contact our technical support for further information.

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